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Criss-cross, criss-cross. They are seen everywhere with loads such as flour, fish, bags of sachet water, vegetables, name it. They are cute and helpful and are cross-crossing the streets of the nation, steadily but surely; rolling their small tyres into the transport arena as one major means of transporting goods.
But whether you find them useful or a nuisance is not the issue, the petite tricycles have undoubtedly maneuvered their way into the Ghanaian market and economy and are changing lives; taking the loads off peoples’ heads. Indeed the tricycles have come to stay.

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The Cost of Commute in Accra – Solution?

When we hear of ‘cost’ of something, what easily comes to mind is the monetary value of the ‘something’. Yet, they say, “Time is Money”, thus, how much emphasis is put on our time in terms of its value?

Is commuting in Accra consuming a lot of our time (or money) indirectly or directly?

We pay to commute, via use of public transport or even our own vehicles (buy fuel). But how much time we spend going from our homes to workplaces with the aforementioned mediums, do we convert into ‘monetary’ value, to help us appreciate how much we loose?

First, some assumptions. These assumptions are the bare minimum and for some, depending on how far away you stay from the workplace …


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One of the Most Profitable Business In Ghana

Profitable business In Ghana
By mcclad – December 9, 2017


Transport Business

People travel everyday. And the demand for quality service is required. Most people do not like the government transport system and they decide to patronize Private transport because of their quality of service and their safety. You can think of transport bus services such as VIP, VVIP, O.A Travel and Tour Bus and the AAYALOLO Bus. These are all profitable businesses you can try your hands on.
But incase you do not have that money to start the bus transport business, you can choose to go with tricycle business which is now trending in Ghana for goods transportation. Well I know most guys will say they are shy to ride that.
I know a Doctor who rode the tricycle after work. So when he closes in the afternoon he comes back and then rides it, transporting goods for people. And he’s making double money aside his government work. So get to work guys


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